BOYSOL was established as a company goes under the business name of "Boysol Chemicals and Commerce Limited" on 01.04.2013 while it has been a brand proprietorship by our group company FASA Chemical Manufacturing Industry Limited since 30.05.2007. The key concern of company is making investments about solvent supplement, thinner production, their storage and transportation. We work with pleasure persistently, always provide chemicals at the internationally recognized standards and always supply high quality products to market to meet expectations of our dear customers supremely.

We always conduct our business relations fairly in good faith with the highest ethical standards. Intentions of our firm are launching existing long-term business relations by maintaining quality, reliability and stock sufficiency perspectives which were already obtained and to reach new customers by creating new product ranges.

Family owned chemical distribution company reached over 4000 metric tons aggregate supply in accordance with the year-end adjusted data in 2014 just eight months later its establishment.


The Firm makes a merit of supplying raw chemicals to paint, plastic, printing, polyester, leather, textile, detergent, packing, aerosol, metal, construction and other various sectors with quality based rapid service in return for the best possible rate perpetually.


BOYSOL intends to be the leader solvent supplier in Turkey market by improving on its rightful place, where already had been occupied by being stable in product and service quality, by carrying its service approach based on quality and customer satisfaction to further.